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Our philosophy of websites:


It's web design.  It's for your company, not to show off what the webmaster can do.  Make it simple for the customer to navigate, and ensure the pages load quickly.  With that in mind, here's our opinion of what your website should do:

  • Your website is supposed to get business for your company.

    • So many websites try to dazzle you with flash and graphics, but that's to attract you to a site.  You don't need to attract them once they're already there!  The only thing the "dazzle" does is make it take longer to download your page and irritate your prospect.  This can be particularly annoying for the dial-up users.

    • Your website should "immediately" tell the customer what you do.  Notice our home page:  it says "Web Design."  It immediately tells you what we do.  You only have about 15 seconds to get someone's attention before they decide to leave your site ... don't make them wonder what you do.

    • There are exceptions ... some sites are primarily informational to their company or group, but those are the exception, and generally have some appeal to the public as well.


  • Your website should rank well in search engines.

    • So many places make promises;  so many want you to pay-for-click.  Surprise!  No one can guarantee you'll always be number 1.  And, while you're paying $2 - $3 for each "click," do you think your competitors aren't sitting at their keyboards clicking on your site to cost you money?

      We work the system as best we can to build your reputation within the search engines.  An example of this is one of our clients,
      Reliable Go-Karts.  They have a very generic name, with many go-kart companies using "reliable" to describe their product.  As of 10/16/2010, in a Yahoo search for "reliable go-karts," there were 148,000 responses.  Reliable Go-Karts was number one.  They were also numbers 2 and 5.  In the same search on Google, there were 159,000 responses.  Reliable Go-Karts was number one.  They were also numbers 2 - 8.


    • With just the term "go-karts," there were 1,530,000 responses on Google.  Reliable Go-Karts was number 3.  Number 3 out of 1 1/2 million!

    • Is Reliable Go-Karts a large conglomerate that's been around for 100 years?  No, they're a "mom & pop" shop whose website has only been around since 2003.  Their traffic?  About 800 unique visitors per day (that's about 24,000 visitors per month, or 292,000 -- over 1/4 million -- per year).  And, about 83% of visitors add them to their "Favorites."

    • Do we have others?  Yes, most of our customers report good response in search engines.  One of the most impressive was a client we got into Google within 7 days of our submitting their site.  There are also things that you can do to help your website get higher in the search engines, but we don't want to give away all our secrets.


  • Your website should "solve a problem" for your customer so you can make the sale.

    • Websites provide information to solve problems for the company's customer, allowing the customer to purchase.  Sites that do anything else are generally missing the point.  (What's the problem?  It could be lack of information, or lack of access to your company.  The bottom-line is to "make the sale.")

      Links to other sites should be used sparingly, if at all.  There may be complementary sites, or people with whom you do business, that you want to help promote.  But, why promote weather pages, horoscopes, etc., when all it does it take people away from your site?  (You'll notice we have several links to sites we think "do it wrong," as we think these sites demonstrate our point.  But, we open those in a new page, so you still have us in an open window.)

  • Use pictures, but only ones relevant to your site.

    • Pictures are great for a website, but ensure they're related to your message.  I recently opened a site that is a competitor to one of my clients.  It was a beautiful site with great pictures.  The problem was that you didn't know what the company did -- all you knew was the site was pretty.

  • No pop-ups!

    • Most of us run pop-up blockers that eliminate about 99% of pop-ups.  Why would you intentionally aggravate your prospect who is visiting your site by forcing them to deal with annoying pop-ups?  It's even worse when the pop-up is advertising something not sold by your site!

  • No "Flash"

    • Yes, it looks cool.  It also slows down the surfer, especially if they're on dial-up.  So, most companies put a "skip intro" on their site.  But, by saying "skip intro" you're saying the info isn't worth watching.  So it is worth watching, or not?  Bottom line:  forget it.  Say it in your site.

  • No ads

    • You brought people to your site to what -- send them somewhere else?  Yes, there are sites that do just that, and they are annoying.  Don't be tempted by the few cents you'll make by hosting others' ads.  Keep your customer in your site.

  • e-mail -- the reputation of your company

    • With so many people operating on the internet, one never knows if they're doing business in Dallas or Dubai.  With a "free" e-mail, your customers don't know if you're a legitimate business or if you're operating out of a closet in the Middle East with an e-mail address you created that morning.  Especially if you're a professional, your e-mail needs to say so.  "drsmith@smithclinic.com" looks much more professional than "joe@free-email.com" and it authenticates you as a legitimate business.

  • Your website should be easy to navigate.

    • If the customer can't get around the website, they'll shop elsewhere.  Notice the easy to ready navigation on the upper-left of this page.  (If you are an organization that gets donations from sponsors, it's fine to list them, but sponsors shouldn't be confused with pay-per-click ads.)

  • Your website should be easy to read.

    • Websites that use a lot of different fonts and graphics just confuse the reader, making them go elsewhere.  See how annoying this is?  (If you couldn't read that, it asked, "See how annoying this is?")  Why would anyone annoy their prospects with something like that?  Some might think it "cute," but it's never "cute" to lose prospects.

    • Ever notice how so many websites use small type?  That's great if you want to sell to teenagers, but if you want customers over 30, the fonts should be big enough to read.

  • Your pages should load as quickly as possible.

    • It's amazing how many people put thumbnails on their page, but don't make them small so they can load quicker;  i.e., they download the thumbnail at the same size as the picture.  Of course, the whole picture shouldn't be downloaded until someone clicks on it.   Only 28% of American households in 2006 were on broadband, according to an Information Week article, and this is a killer on download time.

(*Some of these websites may have been "repaired" after we put these links in here.)


We want your site to get results!





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